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World Premiere of SULAM (The Ladder): "Mor Cohen and Oriah Elgrabli are both remarkable"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The film by Director Noam Argov has entered the festival circuit in full swing, with screenings in Aspen, Orlando, Chicago, and NYC within just one month of its release.

Sulam (The Ladder) explores the complicated relationship between an immigrant teen and her mom as the pressure to belong in a new country bubbles to the surface.

In the film, a leak in the ceiling of their small Florida apartment sends twelve-year-old Alma and her mother on a journey to buy a ladder before school. What starts out as a seemingly simple task quickly escalates when Alma refuses to navigate the conversation for her immigrant mother, and the boiling tension puts their co-dependent relationship to the test.

What starts out as a seemingly simple task quickly escalates. Cohen and Elgrabli in Sulam (The Ladder)

Writer-Director Noam Argov describes Sulam as her most personal work so far. "The film is based on a conglomeration of memories from my childhood immigrating to the United States", she says. "I wanted to create space for that distinct moment in which many of us immigrants come of age and grapple with our conflicting identities."

Sulam had its World Premiere earlier this month at the prestigious 32nd Aspen Shorfest in Colorado, one of only four Oscar-qualifying festivals in the United States dedicated to short films. This screening was followed by a special East Coast premiere at the Florida Film Festival the next day, and the film is already slotted to screen in Chicago and NYC in May.

"Cohen expertly keys into the frustration of her situation"

"In just ten minutes, covering a span of an hour in time for a mother and daughter, Sulam (The Ladder) says a lot about the lives of immigrants adjusting to life in a new world." Alan Ng, Film Threat

"The two lead actors, Oriah Elgrabli and Mor Cohen, are both remarkable" Chris Crespo, Cinema Crespodiso

"Cohen expertly keys into the frustration of her situation." Alan French, Sunshine State Cineplex

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