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"Over the Wall", Produced By and Featuring Mor Cohen Hits 1 Million Views on

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Award winning short film "Over the Wall" by director Roy Zafrani and producers Mor Cohen and Nami Melumad takes the web by the storm, as tension over Israeli-Palestinian crisis surges.

Two Friends. One Border.

Exploring the rare friendship that develops between an Israeli boy and a Palestinian boy who meet through a hole in the separation wall, the film offers a message of unity and solidarity, and attempts to present a different take on the conflict, an alternative perhaps, through the hopeful eyes of the two boys.


"Simple, mildly minimalist film that does a lot with very little, portraying a compelling and relevant topic with a strong humane awareness." - The Cinema Files

"This movie deserves an Oscar." - Edfuad Mo

"It reminds me, against differences,The boy in the stripped pajamas. Two boys , a wall, a hole in it and the friendship step by step. A touching film in all the senses. Great for each detail. For the acting of the young actors, for the simple story, for the tension and the last scene. Short, a profound useful film." - Kirpianuscus (10/10 rating on IMDb)

"I saw your film at the Phoenix Film Festival. I couldn't watch the rest of the shorts in that block. I was too emotional. You did such a beautiful job showing the humanity and beauty and truth of children. I was so proud of that film and your bravery in shooting it." - Suz Yatim Aslam

"I don't have the proper words for how important this message is." - Lisa and the Cult Jam (YouTube)

“I wish politicians would learn from it. We are one. We are having one planet to live on, it is better to live peacefully together. Salaam, Shalom to all people who seek peace on earth.” - Naya Shams

“Heartwarming and tragic, all in twelve minutes... Superb writing, directing and acting.” - R Garlin

"Wanna know when peace will come between Israel and Palestine? When he will be the PM of Israel and that Arab boy President of Palestine at the same time ." - Ruhul Amin

"Amazing screenplay. People are all the same just separated by man made boundaries." - Noel Shaju

"Hearing the boys playing and's priceless!!" - Loren Fabila

"The film is very touching. Congratulations to the writing and directing team." - E Hannan

"This has to be the most daunting and heart breaking short film I have seen in recent years." - Tinker Tailor

"I'm so touched by this heart warming video. A child shall lead the way & LOVE will always triumph over hatred." - Norma Hamilton

"I cried my eyes out. This broke me in so many ways." - AJ Kichu

"Be like children and love one another, care for one another, help one another. It really isn't that hard but yet too many want Power instead of Peace... Thank You Lord for this wonderful movie" - Cyndi Duvall

Watch Over the Wall:

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